We strive to provide a fitting and lasting memorial for your loved one and that means more than just selecting a stone from our rows of inventory and picking a design from a catalog.  Each monument stands as a testament to the life of a family member and we consider it an honor to assist in that process.  We promise to take as much time as necessary to ensure that you receive the unique memorial you deserve.

Our professional setting crews will work with the cemetery to install your monument in a way to minimize damage to the surrounding area and to provide a monument that will remain upright and level for generations to come.

Monument Sales

You will meet with a design specialist in a quiet and comfortable conference room.  Our interactive computer based process and the input you provide ensure that the final design is personalized to your specifications.

Over time, monuments can shift and require resetting.  Our crews can efficiently remove the existing foundation and return the monument to an upright and stable position.

Resetting Service

We can provide a variety of flower vases for new or existing monuments.  If requested, we can attach them to the monument base with epoxy to ensure they remain securely in place.

Vase Sales